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1056 State Street

Lemont, IL

Store Hours

Sunday through Saturday

12:00 PM to 2:00 AM

We close after 12:00 AM for less than 3 customers.

Customer Experience

"Gamestorm is a great venue for all magic players, if you live in the Southwest suburbs, check it out! Helpful staff and a great atmosphere."

--Brian C.

"Very nice place to hang out. The environment felt very relaxed and comfortable the first time I walked in a year ago and I still go there to this day. They have made an extension for the magic players so it is definitely more roomier than it was a year ago. Overall it's an awesome place with very comfy environment. 9/10 would go again."

Eveilina R.

"I cannot speak more highly of this store. Joe is an asset to this store. He has amazing customer service skills, an outgoing positive attitude and strong product knowledge. He is extremely patient, and friendly.

The store stocks everything for Magic the Gathering. It fosters a very friendly environment. My son who is 8, has played here dozens of times, always had a great experience and I have to pull him out of the store to leave.

From Informal gaming, to Friday night magic to drafts, and Saturday specials to pre release tournaments. They have always been spot on, well organized and always kept the action going.

They also have a HUGE gaming LAN in the next room.

They sell well priced snacks and drinks, and even have a whole Pizza for $5

Bring your kids, they are patient and family friendly, Magic is a fun game, that will help your kids socialize, learn to read, and teach strategy."

--Edward E.

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Magic The Gathering

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Star City Game Night

December 18th, 2014

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